Allow children to mature into educated tal.
ented global citizens with an understanding
of western and Chinese cultures.
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First week of school



      30th of August was our registration day. After a long summer apart, the school campus is once again filled with children’s laughers and full of children running playfully on the field. The quiet school campus is again full of vitality. Yes, the school term has just started.

      200 new students have joined our school community this year. This means that our school community now has more than 700 students and teachers, each comes from a diverse background and different parts of the world.  This makes us a truly international and multicultural family. With that, our school continues to uphold our educational philosophy to “educate our students to be well-rounded global citizens and future leaders drawing on the best of Western and Chinese values”. We aim to achieve this by continuously striving to improve the quality of our education to develop our students cognitively, emotionally and socially.

      This school year, there are many exciting shifts happening at the International Department. Firstly, the International Department has moved into the main building, where each classroom is equipped with a new interactive touch screen display. Secondly, there are at least six international teachers who have joined our school community, where each of them is equipped with specific subject and pedagogical knowledge. Thirdly, driven by our commitment to continuously improve the quality of education being offered, we invited a team of world-class educational experts to provide professional development for our instructional team for four days. These experts have previously offered professional training for more than 5000 primary schools abroad. This training program covered a wide range of topics including school management, and innovative pedagogical methods for English arts, mathematics and assessment. Many of our international teachers said that they have already implemented these innovative pedagogical methods in their classes!

      Most importantly, the International Department welcomes a new principal - Dr Christine Yau. In many ways, Dr Yau embodies our school’s educational philosophy. She is a well-rounded musician-pianist, having been brought up partly in Australia, Hong Kong and China. Moreover, she has three masters (in Music, Business and Education) and recently completed her PhD (Education) in Cambridge, United Kingdom. These experiences not only enable her to acquire a balanced appreciation of Western and Eastern cultures, but also to act as a bridge of communication between international teachers, parents, students and school management. With a strong commitment in education, Dr Yau’s experiences will lead the International Department into a new stage of development.

      On a different note, school has started operating new bus lines to Luohu and Baihua for this term. This means that, our school buses now go as far as Shekou, covering all over Futian, Longhua, Nanshan and Luohu districts.

      During these initial few weeks, as you witness your child walking towards the new classroom with his/her school bag, understandably you might feel overwhelmed by mix emotions. However, when your child comes home from school, regardless of whether she/he seems ecstatic, apprehensive due to separation anxiety, or challenged by social communications with others, you are always encouraged to communicate your child’s experiences with your teachers. As we believe that it is only through communication and teamwork that we can provide a top quality education for your child.

      The school daily schedule starts from 8:00am and finishes at 3:30pm. So, our teachers may not be reachable during this time period. Please be patient, our teachers will contact you a.s.a.p.

       This is the beginning of a new term; both our students and teachers need space and time to construct a classroom community, not to mention that our parents also need time to establish routines for our children that coincides with the school schedule. So, let’s work as a team to help our children to settle into their blissful school lives.

      Lastly, please remind your child that they are always encouraged to seek immediate help from their teachers in any way, regardless of whether they have questions, worries or problems. Our teachers are here to protect, help and guide.

      Indeed, parents’ interest and inquiries about your child’s school lives are always welcomed.

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